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  • 29
  • 2013

Nearly There Macarons…
aka the top 5 mistakes of macaron making

When I realised I had all the ingredients I needed I was super excited to give French Macarons a go – boy was I naive! Who knew these things were so fickle… well actually everybody except me apparently. These were from my second attempt, pretty sure my failure lies in a recipe that was a little unclear (so I won’t be reposting it here), along with not fully realising just how exact you need to be to make these little things work…



Luckily after 2 batches of tasty but disasterous macarons I did find a post from The Macaron Diaries on the unforgivable mistakes of macaron making. I have a feeling their detailed explanation of exactly what you need to do (and not to do) to get the perfect macaron would have come in very handy had I read it first – this lady knows what she is talking about! If only I could make my macarons as cute and puffy as hers I would be a happy woman! Here are her top 5 tips for not ruining your next batch of macarons:

  1. Use old egg whites – apparently 1 or 2 day old egg whites produce better macarons
  2. Similarly use the right sugar (caster sugar) and make sure to add it to the beaten eggs slowly (1tbsp at a time). Also only start adding it to the eggs after the egg whites have become a little foamy.
  3. Don’t be lazy when beating the eggs! This is a big one – you need to achieve a really creamy, glossy and stiff egg mixture – similar looking to shaving cream. This is where I went wrong (twice).
  4. After adding the almond/sugar to the whipped egg whites be careful not to overmix – just enough to combine the two together.
  5. Let em dry – again you have to keep an eye on it because you don’t want to let them dry for too long or else the domes will crack, just enough that they are no longer sticky to touch, then straight into the oven…

So what do you think? Still want to attempt those french macarons? I know I can’t let them get the better of me, next time I have some almonds spare I will definitely be trying again!!


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