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Technical Tuesday – Elegant and Simple Fan and Feather Cake Decoration

This is a very easy decorating method for frosting a cake that’s incredibly simple and effective. Feathering and fanning is simply the actions of drawing lines of icing across an already iced background in a feather and fan design. This works best with contrasting colors of icing – I first tried it out with chocolate and vanilla butter cream however I am still trying to find the perfect combo…

Fan and Feather

Technical Tuesday - Elegant and Simple Fan and Feather Cake Decoration


Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 1

Serving Size: Cake

Technical Tuesday - Elegant and Simple Fan and Feather Cake Decoration


  • A Baked cake you wish to ice
  • Icing/cream/melted chocolate for surface background and for lines
  • Piping equipment
  • Wooden skewer


  1. Ice (frost) the cake top in one colour. For example, a chocolate background is ideal when contrasted with white icing used for the feather and fan decoration.
  2. Pipe straight lines at even intervals across the cake top. It will look like a series of bars when you are done.
  3. Ensure that both the background and the piped lines are soft. This method will only work when they are still both soft.
  4. Creating the fan and feather pattern: Take a long skewer, and carefully pull the skewer across the lines in one direction. Then, do the same next to the first lengthwise line, only draw the skewer up the opposite way. Repeat going down, up, down, up (or towards you, away from you, towards you, away from you), until you complete the design across the whole cake.
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I’m still trying to find the best icing recipes and which combo’s would go well together – I have been thinking about a White Chocolate base icing with Red Raspberry fan’s & feather’s to contrast…what do you think? Does anyone have a gem icing recipe or two that would work well together?


Images originally produced for wikiHow. This recipe is edited from the original wikiHow article Feather and Fan (Cake-Decorating)


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  1. Just the same as a pinch of salt or sugar will enhance a food, so too can coeffe if/when added to chocolate. MOCHA-CHOCOLATE is also very much the vogue, as both flavours compliment whilst neither one being overpowering. The coeffe that you speak of within your seen recipe’s, may or not be used for its liquid? Rather than say plain milk or water, coeffe has been substituted and why not?If you want an intense chocolate flavour, however, then do not add any coeffe. Use ONLY cocoa and a good dark chocolate of no less then 70%.

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