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  • 17
  • 2012

Perfect Pick Me Up Parfait

This mid week pick me up parfait couldn’t be more simple. Grab fresh in-season fruit and berries and layer with your favorite vegan yogurt and our tasty granola for a mid-week breakfast treat!

We started ours off with a thick layer of homemade granola, then added a generous helping of yogurt and finally a layer of fruit (our combo is banana strawberry). Repeat those 3 layers as many times as will fit into your glass and then top it all off with a generous helping of fruit – what better way to start the day!

Vegan Yogurt Parfait

The proportions here are all up to you – do you prefer more crunchy granola, more berries or or a larger helping of yogurt? What ingredients make up your perfect parfait – please share with us below!
Vegan Yogurt Parfait


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