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  • Dec
  • 16
  • 2011

Christmas pudding truffles

You would not guess that less than 5% of Taiwanese people are Christian, the streets are filling with Christmas trees covered in bells tinsel and enough flashing lights to redirect air traffic. Santa hats at dumpling shops is not the strange thing, what is strange is that it is actually putting me in the Christmas…

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  • Sep
  • 14
  • 2011

Chocoholic Milkshake delight

Thanks to everyone who has joined someday spoon on Facebook, it does give us a warm feeling inside to see that people out there enjoy our recipes, photos and random insights. Such a warm feeling in fact I thought there would only be one thing that could cool it down a CHOCOHOLIC MILKSHAKE!!

  • Aug
  • 28
  • 2011

Ice cream Smoothie or a Smoothie Ice cream?

I have been slack with adding recipes and tips as I have a heap of delicious Greek / Turkish (depending who you ask) recipes to post. But it is too hot to think about moussaka or musakka so here is another Someday Smoothie. This smoothie is a mix and mash of a smoothie and a…

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  • Jun
  • 25
  • 2011

On the flip-side

As I mentioned in my last post we have to eat for a living and through oDesk we are also working as photographers for wikihow.com. What is great is that we can easily swing it to photograph what we love most; food! This morning we made and photographed Canadian pancakes which was great since I…

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